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Nursing ProcedureNursing Procedure Links

Nursing Procedure Links

Important Nursing Procedure Links for Nursing Students

Nursing procedures, medical surgical nursing procedures (General & specialty), ICU procedures, Community health procedures, Mental health nursing Procedures, Maternal and Child health Nursing Procedures, Child Health Nursing Procedures, Medical Topics PDF’s are given below.

Do click the link to read and enjoy the respective nursing procedure you require.

Click and Follow the main heading to reach sub topics

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION – Head toe physical examination, Preparation for Physical examination

CARE OF PATIENT UNIT – Types of wards in patient unit & Principles of cleaning, Disinfection of the unit, Types of wards in patient unit and principles of cleaning

VITAL SIGNS – Temperature & thermometer, Oral thermometer, Axillary thermometer, Rectal thermometer, Pulse, Respiration, Blood Pressure, Pain Assessment, Oxygen Saturation

PATIENT POSITIONING – Supine, dormant recumbent, Lithotomy, Prone, Lateral, Sim’s, Knee-chest, Genupectoral, Trendelenburg’s, Fowler’s, C-shaped, Rose, Recovery

COMFORT DEVICES – Types of Comfort devices

ISOLATION TECHNIQUES AND BARRIER NURSING – Concurrent & Terminal Disinfection, Gloving Technique, Surgical Gowning, Surgical handwashing, Handwashing, Barrier Nursing, Asepsis, Cross infection

STERILIZATION – Sterilization in hospitals, Central sterile supply department (CSSD), Chemical Disinfectants, Radiation Method of Sterilization, Hot Air Oven, Autoclaving, Physical methods of sterilization

PERSONAL HYGIENE – Sex health, Mental health, Clothing, Exercise , Habits, Care of Perineum, Care of Pressure Points, Bed sore, Back care, Back rub, Back massage, Care of Hands, Feet, Nails, Bed Bath, Oral Hygiene, Care of Eyes, Nose, Ears, Pediculosis Treatment, Care of Hair

NUTRITION (DIET FOR PATIENTS) – Feeding Types, Feeding Helpless Patients

URINARY ELIMINATION – Bladder Irrigation, Insertion of a Flatus Tube, Use of Urinal, Catheterization of the Urinary Bladder

BOWEL ELIMINATION – Uses of Bedpan, Enema

HOT APPLICATION – Counter Irritants, Hot Fomentation, Hot Water Bag, Infrared Therapy, Sitz Bath, Soak or Local Bath, Steam Inhalation

COLD APPLICATION – Cold Compress, Cold Pack, Ice Cap, Tepid Sponge




DRUG ADMINISTRATION – Sources of Drug, Syringes and Needles, Oral Medication, Injections, Types of Drugs and Fluids, Selection of Site for Injection, Commonly used Intravenous Drugs, Intramuscular Injection, Subcutaneous Injection, Intradermal Injection, Intravenous Injection, Intravenous Infusions, Transdermal Route, Transmucosal, Rectal & Tropical Route of Drug Administration, Special Drug Delivery System, Instillation of Ear Drops, Instillation of Nasal Drops

SPECIMEN COLLECTION – Urine Testing, Vaginal Swab, Vaginal smear, Throat Swab, Blood Culture, Blood Smear, Sputum Culture, Stool routine test and Culture, Urine Culture, Procedure of Urine Culture

OXYGEN ADMINISTRATION – Oxygen Tent, Home Oxygen Therapy, Oxygen Complications & Safety





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