Sterile gowns are worn in the operating room and the delivery room and whenever open wounds are present which necessitate a sterile technique, e.g. to attend to patient with burns


  • Put on the head cap and mask first
  • Scrub hand thoroughly
  • Dry the hands with sterile towel
  • Pick up the gown by grasping the folded gown at the neck. Stand well back about one foot from the sterile bundle and the table
  • Unfold it by keeping the gown away from the body do not shake the gown
  • Hold the gown at the shoulder (inside) and put each hand alternately into the arm holes
  • Extend the arms and hold hands upward at the shoulder height
  • The circulating nurse than assist her in pulling the sleeves by working from behind and holding the gown from the inside
  • The gown is then fastened at the neck by the circulating nurse and the open edges are the folded or held together
  • The waist ties are then fastened by the circulating nurse from behind
Surgical Gowning - Nursing Procedure
Surgical Gowning – Nursing Procedure

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