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Medical Gloving

Gloves are used in the medical asepsis to protect the nurse from pathogens. They serve as a barrier when the nurse handles articles contaminated by the feces or wound

Gloves used in the medical asepsis need not to be sterile. These are changed after attending each of the patient discharges. Before wearing the gloves, hand wash, dry and powder them and then put on clean gloves


  • To protect the nurse from pathogens
  • To serve as a barrier when nurses handles contaminated articles
  • To protect the patients with poor resistance
  • It is used for the cleaning for the patient

While Wearing Gloves

  • Wash hands
  • Dry the hands and apply powder for easy insertion of gloves
  • Put on the clean gloves

After Use

  • Remove the gloves and discard them in the container with antiseptic lotion
  • Wash hands thoroughly

General Instructions

  • Every surgical patient should be protected from respiratory, intestinal, skin and other general infections
  • They are to be provided with uncontaminated dishes, bed linen, clothing and other articles

Removing Isolation Clothing

  • Untie the gown at the waist
  • Slip a finger from one hand underneath the cuff of the glove on the opposite hand
  • Pull the glove off, turning inside out as it is removed
  • Deposit in the designed waste receptacle. Repeat the procedure on the opposite hand
  • Remove the mask by untying the ties or slipping the rubber bands from behind the ears. Be careful not to touch the front of the mask. Holding the mask by the ties deposit in the designed waste receptacle
  • Untie the tie at the neck of the gown. Using the ties, pull the gown down toward the front of the body
  • Pull one arm of its sleeve, turning the sleeve inside out as you proceed. Repeat, using the other arm. Be sure the front of the gown does not contact your hands or uniform. Deposit the gown in the designated waste receptacle
  • Wash hands. Put on lab coat



  • Scrub hands using a brush and soap under running water
  • Open the sterile package of gloves with a sterile forceps before scrubbing if no assistant is available
  • After scrubbing, dry hands on a sterile towel
  • Apply sterile powder on both hands
  • The first gloves are drawn on by touching the inside of the gloves cuff
  • The second by placing the gloves hand under the cuff
  • The sterile gown is worn. It should be put on before the gloves so that the glove cuffs may be drawn up over its sleeves
Medical Gloving, Surgical Gloving - Purpose, Procedure, Instructions, After Use
Medical Gloving, Surgical Gloving – Purpose, Procedure, Instructions, After Use


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