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Nurse Jobs and CareerHow Foreign Nurse can go to Singapore for Nurse Job?

How Foreign Nurse can go to Singapore for Nurse Job?

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How Foreign Nurse can go to Singapore for Nurse Job?

Singapore is officially called the Republic of Singapore located in Southeast Asia. The average salary for nurses is SGD 2,650 per month. Nurse can earn more depending upon their position and years of experience. Salary differs for foreign Nurse and citizen nurse in Singapore, Citizen Nurse earn higher than Foreign Nurse.

In Singapore, there is a Registered Nurse or Enrolled Nurse. Enrolled nurse will have 2 years study to obtain the NITEC in Nursing and to become Registered Nurse, nurse need to have diploma in Nursing or Bachelor of Nursing (BSN). Enrolled Nurse will work under the Registered Nurse Supervision.

Steps to Enter Singapore for Nurse Job for Foreign Nurses

  • Look up advertisement for nurse job in Singapore (Newspaper or Internet). Call for Nurse Jobs in Singapore by Agents (Find Trustworthy and Singapore Government Approved Agents)
  • Apply for nurse job position with your resume
  • Agent will arrange Interview for selected Candidates
  • Candidates need to take screening written test, oral interview and SNB Licensure Examination
  • Once candidate clear test, especially SNB Licensure Examination, they can enroll as Registered Nurse in Singapore.
  • SNB Licensure Examination offer SNB Practicing Certificate, without this certificate, nurse can’t work in Singapore. Each year nurse need to renew this certificate (Need to pay 45 or 30 Dollar depending upon their Nursing position)
  • After clearing exam, candidate needs to apply “Singapore Work Pass”. Without Work Pass, Foreign Nurse can’t work in Singapore.
  • Candidate can get offer letter from Hospital in Singapore
  • After getting “Singapore Work Pass”, candidate can apply Visa (visa processing can take one to two months)
  • During Visa Verification, they check Original Certificate (Nursing Degree Certificate and Genuine Work Experience)
  • Visa Application is over, Candidate can migrate to Singapore
  • With years of experience, nurse can apply for Singapore Citizenship

Foreign Nurse has to follow Newspaper and Job sites, to find nurse job position in Singapore. These advertisements are given by job recruiting agencies (Singapore and Home Country Approved).

Candidate need to apply for Nurse Job Position, agencies will select candidate and call for interview. Several tests will be conducted before giving offer letter to the candidates. Written test, Oral Interview and SNB Licensure Examination will be conducted, after passing this entire test, offer letter will given to candidates.

Now, candidate can apply “Singapore Work Pass”, work pass is very important to work in Singapore for Foreign Nurses. Once Singapore Government given passes, candidate can apply for Visa. During Visa processing, original certificates will be verified mainly Nursing Degree Certificate and Working Experience Certificate. After this verification, candidate will be offered work visa to work in Singapore.

Now candidate can get ready to start migrating to Singapore.

(Note: Find genuine Job Recruiting Agencies which is approved by Singapore Government)

 How Foreign Nurse can go to Singapore for Nurse Job?
How Foreign Nurse can go to Singapore for Nurse Job?


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