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Nursing ProcedureCROSS INFECTION



Methods of Transmission of Cross Infection

Direct Contact: the organisms can be transmitted directly from person to person through droplet infection, infected hands, sexual contact, etc.,

Indirect Contact: contact with the secretions and excretions of the infected person through fomites (instruments and utensils), through contaminated food and water, through insects, through dust and through carriers

Prevention of Cross Infection

  • The hospital should be well ventilated
  • Maintenance of general cleanliness of the hospital
  • Safe food and water supply
  • Safe disposal of excreta, urine, stool and sputum
  • The bed pans, urinals, sputum cups are cleaned and disinfected before it is used for another patient
  • Discarded dressing and garbage should be collected daily and burnt to prevent the spread of infection

The Chain of Infection

  • Infectious agent
  • Source or reservoir of infectious agent
  • Portal of exit from the source
  • Mode of transmission for the infectious agent
  • Portal of entrance in to a susceptible host
  • Susceptible host
Cross Infection - Methods of Transmission, Precautions, Chain of Infection
Cross Infection – Methods of Transmission, Precautions, Chain of Infection


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