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Fundamental of Nursing Procedure (PDF)

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Abdominal Distension and Treatment of Colon(enema)
Administration of Injections.
Administration of Injections-Articles, Preparation, Procedure and After Care of Client
Administration of Injection
Administration of medication
Baby bath
Bandages and binders
Bed making
Bladder irrigation
Blood pressure – vital sign
Blood transfusion
Body temperature – vital sign
Bronchoscopy and Oesophago-Gastro-Duodenoscopy
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Care of bedsore or pressure points
Child health nursing – chest physiotherapy
Colonic irrigation
Colostomy irrigation
Colostomy nursing care
Comfort devices used in hospital
Condom drainage
Diet in sickness
Elimination – constipation
Endotracheal intubation
Exchange blood transfusion
Fever and rigor
Gastric lavage or stomach wash
Gastro intestinal decompression
Graphic studies about ECG, EEG, EMG
Health Records – Types and care of Records
Hospital admission procedure
Hospital house keeping
Hot and cold application
How to collect specimen and testing method
Hygiene procedure – skin, care
Immobilization and Ambulation – restraints
Infant Feeding
Intravenous infusions
List of departments in hospital and functions
Liver biopsy and liver aspiration
Lumbar puncture
Medical asepsis – terminology, cross infection
Nursing documentation and reporting
Nursing process
Nursing theories
Operation Theatre and Surgical Site Infection
Operation Theatre Articles
Oxygen administration
Patient positioning in bed
Performing a bladder irrigation
Perineal care
Personal hygiene – bathing
Physical assessment or examination
Plaster casts
Pre and post operative nursing care
Pulse – vital sign
Renal biopsy, endometrial and cervical biopsy
Specimen collection and testing
Splints – immobilization and ambulation
Storing of medicines
Subcutaneous infusions and complications – I.V. Infusions
Surgical Asepsis – Principles and Practice
Medical Asepsis
Suturing of wound
Terminology – medical and surgical asepsis
Terms and Definition
Traction and Extension – Immobilization
Tube feeding
Types of catheterization
Unconscious clients
Unconscious clients – Nursing care plan
Urinalysis – normal values, significance
Vaginal irrigation or Vaginal Doche
Venesection or Cut down
Walking – Immobilization and Ambulation
Wound Care and Nursing action
Wound Drains
Wound Dressing

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