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    Profile: My name is Rejitha Rajan, working as ICU Staff Nurse in Dhirubai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai. I did my bachelor degree in Nursing (2010-2014) in Sri Venkateswara College of Nursing, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science (RGUHS), Bangalore, India.

    Present Location: Staff Nurse, Saudi Arabia

    Nursing is a unique profession, this often heard by nursing student when they grow up as budding nurse. It’s true that each nurse has different challenges and everyday has new experience. Only nurses can handle and manage all departments without a doctor and I am really proud to be nurse.
    From my personal experience, student life is very different from staff nurse period. When I studied, I didn’t take this profession seriously but when I became staff nurse I realized the value and pain of this profession. After few days of work as staff nurse, I started handling and taking care of many patients with different categories. Frankly speaking, if you need value and respect then we need to have experience in ICU department. Outside ICU, 100 of eyes are waiting for a nurse to know their patient outcome of care and response rather than doctor response. Relatives of patient had good faith for nurses and they believe that nurses can change the situation.

    If patient got stroke suddenly, we are the one to handle the patient first before doctor reaches. This period is a golden hour in medical profession to get back the patient to their normal life. I am really thankful to my sister in charge and co worker especially brother Kurian who taught everything and made me to this level in my career. Now, I can say confidently that am nurse and I can give treatment during golden hours. While I am writing, there is a relative asking about patient condition and talking to me as his daughter. After several months, I am started taking care of many patients and what I feel difficulty is to handle the old age patient. They may hysteric, hallucination, panic, depressive and manic. I am unable to find their feeling and expression as a nurse but we should be very proud to treat that patience like our mother, father and sister.
    After recovery patient discharge from hospital, relative response will make us very proud and will forget the trouble we face during their treatment.
    Sometimes, our empathy towards the patient will become sympathy. Now, I am going through the phase, patient who admitted with stroke see us as angels and we pray for their speedy recovery.
    From my past 2 year’s experience, I know one thing that we are the one who treat the patients as our mother, father, brother, sister and our relatives.
    “They may forget your name, but they never forget how you made them feel – Maya Angelou”

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